Crab Raft Inc is dedicated to developing ropeless lift bag technologies for a range of industries. Entanglement in fishing lines has proven to be detrimental to whale populations. Crab Raft ropeless gear will eliminate these entanglement opportunities.

Crab Raft will provide solutions to industries working throughout our oceans and inland waters to allow deeper explorations, greater safety, increased efficiencies and higher productivity with American made and developed systems.

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Our Vision.


The Crab Raft mission started in 2016 with the goal to provide fishermen with an engineering solution to reduce whale entanglement. Continuous development of ropeless lift bag fishing gear has provided undeniable proof that ropeless fishing is not only possible but has the potential to improve fishing safety & efficiencies. During these many months of development, we have communicated with a range of aquatic industries who have identified the Crab Raft lift bag system as a tool to assist in many unforeseen and exciting applications. 

Crab Raft inc. is positioned to be the provider of many ropeless solutions across our oceans & waterways assisting the many underwater industries with robust, custom designed systems to improve the work cycle in these often hazardous environments. 

Crab Raft will continue to evolve technology and custom gear while actively working towards our vision to remove vertical lines from the water column to improve the lives of sea mammals, increase fishing safety, reduce navigational hazards and reduce ocean debris.

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Company Profile.


Crab Raft Inc is a privately held Washington State company with patented and patent pending technologies for ropeless lift bag fishing systems, subsea & surface location/lifting/recovery of assets & gear and subsea acoustic communications technology. Leveraging the creative thinking of the development team and the expansive power of compressed gasses, Crab Raft is positioned to become a leader in providing gear for ropeless fishing and a range of specialized underwater industries.

Our endless goal is to improve our world for sea life and assist those who enjoy and work in their habitats.