Ropeless Fishing
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Crab Raft Ropeless gear can increase the efficiency of your crustacean fishing, open access to new locations while preventing poaching and prop fouling.

Crab Raft places all of your fishing gear on the sea floor. With no line and buoy to be swayed by the ocean, poached or cause a  prop-foul event; your gear will remain where it landed.  Crab Raft encourages rules allowing ropeless fishing, as well, there is the need to deploy this innovative technology to investigate fishing strategies to further improve fishing efficiency, seek deepwater species and recreational markets.

With lobster trawls already actively ropeless fishing with Hybrid Trawls, the choice is clear: the desire to know exactly where gear is at ALL times outweighs reliance on traditional methods. No ropes in the water means no potential for whale entanglement.

Gear Location Strategies

Worldwide & Local: Surface & Sub-Surface location technologies for the 21st century

Crab Raft inc has developed technology and partnered with US vendors to bring the best of surface and subsurface location tools to the consumer market. Crab Raft gear uses active and passive strategies built into the lift bags and GPS asset tracking, Radio transmission/location systems and active sonar sounding systems are now within range of commercial & recreational fishermen. This technology package will give new opportunities and confidence for commercial and sport fishermen alike. 

Custom solutions are available focusing on market specific opportunities.

Aquaculture  Systems
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With Crab Raft gear you can now chose a wider swath of ocean for Aquaculture projects. Limitations of depth and currents can be overcome with ropeless tethers.

Farm for clams, oysters, mussels, seaweed and more! The development of these subsea resources have proven beneficial for human heath and the health of the ocean. Many species can be cultivated in many regions of world but with opportunities often limited by depth, currents and navigational rights. Removing surface marking buoys and associated lines removes many of the obstacles faced by this new breed of farmer.

Research & Underwater Recovery 
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Lift ocean debris, research equipment, derelict gear or treasures from the deep.

Lift and recover gear from the depths. Every year, throughout US waters, tens of thousands of crab and lobster traps are lost and litter the sea floor. Derelict gear removal and subsea salvage can now be performed remotely utilizing an ROV in concert with Crab Raft systems. Reduce ocean debris for business or do your part to protect our beautiful oceans.

Ocean research & exploration opportunities abound. The rugged, ocean tested Crab Raft lift bag systems can be designed to provide any range of lift capacity required for your experiments or treasure hunting adventures.